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  • Hair Transplant is a very safe cosmetic surgery. In fact hair transplant is one of the most commonly performed Cosmetics Surgery among men throughout the world.

  • Hair transplant Surgery takes only a few hours and you can go home the same day.

  • Hair Transplant gives absolutely Natural Results Because your own hair are used. The hair grow like normal hair. They have to be cut.

  • Hair Transplant is also a permanent solution for hair loss because the hair that are transplanted are taken from the permanent hair zone from the back of the head. These hair never fall and require no extra care.

  • We at Kalpana Aesthetics believe that¬† "Every one deserves to be beautiful" and keeping our motto in mind have kept the cost the most affordable for all the people.

  • Hair transplant is done by a team 6 to 7 Hair Transplant Assistants and this team led by our highly experienced Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vishal Purohit, who is an expert in both Fut/Strip and FUE/punch technique of hair transplant.¬†

Hair Transplant Cost and Graft Requirement Calculation

hair transplant price
Hair transplant Cost calcutaor and Graft requirement calculator

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