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Face Lift

Face lift surgery is performed to restore the face and neck of a person to a more youthful  appearance. It is a rejuvenation procedure. The patients become a younger natural version of them selves. Face Lift surgery addresses the age related changes of the lower half of the face starting from the ear-eye level to the neck. Above the eyes such changes are treated by Brow Lift surgery.

As a person ages the skin along with the soft tissues descends downwards. Face lift surgery elevates this downwards sagging skin by repositioning the skin upwards and removing the extra skin. To know more about the effects of aging on the face visit  Aesthetics ->Face page.

What happens in Face Lift Surgery?

Face lift Surgery is done under General Anaesthesia. The surgery may take 4 to 6 hours.

Incision is given in front of the ear extending upwards into the hair line. Extra skin is removed and the skin is stitched to a new position to restore the tightness and shape of youthful appearance. The soft tissue is redistributed.

What happens after the surgery?

After the surgery the patient may have to stay over night at the hospital for observation. Small dressings are placed at incision sites which are removed in a couple of days.

There will be swelling for a few days after surgery, it is usually worse in the first 48 hours thereafter it gradually reduces and almost disappears with in a week. The final result is appreciated after 6 to 8 weeks.