Split Earlobe

Large Ear Holes / Split ear lobe

Pretty earrings make your face stand out. But not so much when the weight of the ear-rings gradually makes the ear holes large. 

Formation of Large Earring Hole:

Depending on the skin firmness and elasticity and of course the weight of the ear rings initially there is ear stretching, then the ear holes gradually enlarge. 

Heavy earrings with a very thin stud or hook i.e. the part of earring which goes through the ear lobe, cuts through the earlobe faster enlarging hole in ear and sometimes may cause ear splitting.

Best way of closing the hole in ear lobe is ‘ear hole surgery’.

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Factors causing Enlarged Ear Holes

Weight of the Ear Rings : Heavy ear rings with Thin stalk or hook tend to cut through more easily. Thus an ear ring with a thicker hook or stud is preferable if your ear holes have a tendency to enlarge.

Aging : During the natural process of aging the skin gradually looses collagen and elastin fibers which give strength, elasticity and tightness to the skin. The skin gradually thins out and is not able to bear the weight of the ear ring.

Genetic makeup : Shape and position of various parts of the face is also linked to our genetic traits like the shape of the nose, eye color, eyebrows, lips etc.

Smoking : Smoking accelerates the natural aging process by restricting the blood flow to the skin. this increased aging of the skin as decreased collagen and elastin fibers resulting in loose wrinkles skin.


1. What is ear lobe?

The soft lowest hanging part of the ear is called ear lobe.

2. When is the right age for Ear Piercing?

Wearing an earring or jewelry of any other design on the ear by females is common throughout the world as it aesthetically enhances their looks. In India traditionally, early in the life of a girl child Ear Piercing is done. In some places it is celebrated as a traditional ceremony. 

3. How to wear heavy earrings without stretching?

As ear lobe support one can attach a chain or thread to the earring and wear it over the ear which takes away the weight of earring to the top of external ear. Another good practice would to be wear an earring with a thicker central hook. Broad hooks decrease the drag on the soft tissue and prevent the ear ring from cutting through. 

Treatments Available for Split Ear Lobes / Enlarged Ear Holes

Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair is a precision cosmetic surgery performed to repair Large ear holes or split earlobes.

Aging, gravity and weight of the ear rings gradually enlarge the ear holes. Which don't look pretty or cute anymore. Depending on the skin firmness and elasticity and of course the weight of the ear rings the ear holes may even split into two Heavy ear rings with a very thin stud or hook i.e. the part which goes through the ear, cuts through the ear faster.

A simple and safe day care procedure is earlobe repair. ...