Sagging Neck

Introduction to Sagging Neck

Loose, sagging skin on and around the neck can be a huge cause of concern for many people. In most cases, this type of skin is part of the natural aging process; however, there are factors that can make the condition worse, including genetics, weight fluctuation and exposure to harmful UV rays

At Kalpana Aesthetics we evaluate the entire face as a whole and suggest the best customized treatment plan for you.  

Factors causing Sagging Neck

Aging : During the natural process of aging the skin gradually looses collagen and elastin fibers which give strength elasticity and tightness to the skin. The skin gradually thins out. 

Genetic makeup : Shape and position of various parts of the face is also linked to our genetic traits. like the shape of the nose, eye color, eyebrows, lips etc.

Muscle Activity : Aging of the skin along with muscle activity creates various wrinkles and distortion of the youthful anatomy.

Smoking : smoking accelarates the natural aging process by restricting the blood flow to the skin. this increased aging of the skin as decreased collagen and elastin fibres resulting in loose wrinkles skin.

Mild skin excess is treatable with non surgical procedures such as RF Skin Tightening. Otherwise the gold standard treatment is Face and Neck lift surgery.

Treatments Available for Sagging Neck

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Filler injections are made of face volume enhancing substance usually made of hyaluronic acid or its derivatives. 

Fillers are a safe, they do not react with the body because they are made up of a substance that is already present in the skin. 

They stay for upto 2 years and ...

Face and Neck Lift Surgery

Face and neck lift is a cosmetic surgery performed to rejuvenate and restore the face and neck of a person to a more youthful appearance. The person become a younger, natural version of them selves. 

Face Lift surgery addresses the ...