Overview Moles

Moles, also called Nevi are small rounded raised collections of cells which are usually dark brown or black in color. They may be present any where on the body and may cause prblems by rubbing against clothes or may be unsightly.

Moles are very common and most people have at least one or more which appear in childhood and grow with age.

'Scarless Mole removal' employs RF skin surgery to shave off raised moles.

There is a very real risk of moles converting into malignancy, although very small. 

At Kalpana Aesthetics we evaluate Moles over the entire body and suggest the best cutomised treatment plan for you. It necessary to test all moles for presence of cancer. If there is a mole you dont like or a mole has recently increased in size get in touch with us. 

A B C D E of moles to "early detect" Cancer 

A : Assymetry : One half of the mole has become different from the other in shape size height or color. 

B : Border : Irregular border , if the mole has changed from well defined round border to irregular border it may be sign of cancer.

C : Color : If the mole has recently changed color and there are multi colored areas differeing in shades of brown, red or blue.

D : Diameter : if the size of the mole has recently enlarged it may be because of cancerous activity.

E : Evolving : If a mole looks different from the rest of the moles or yu find that the mole changes a little every time it may that the cancer is present and changing the shape making it evolve. 

Treatment of a Mole depends upon the size. In a large mole without any suspiscion of malignancy moles are removed by cutiing it out from the skin under local anesthesia and suturing the defect. Smaller Moles are removed by radio frequency ablation which do not require sutures.

If the mole has suspiscious signs then a larger procedure/surgery may be required.

All removed Moles are sent for Microscopic examination to detect any Cancer Cells.

If you find any of the suspicious signs contact us immediately.

Treatments Available for Moles

Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Surgery

Radiofrequency skin surgery (RF) is an aesthetic technique that uses RF instruments to remove moles and skin tags in a scar-less manner.

It is best performed in lesions which are raised above the surface of the skin. The technique shaves off the lesion and the resultant wound heals with a small scab.

Radiofrequency skin surgery is a very precise technique which removes  ...