Crows Feet

Crows Feet Wrinkles

Crow's Feet wrinkles or Laugh Lines are the wrinkles present around the outer corners of the eyes. They get exaggerated on smiling or laughing and are the first give away sign of aging.

As we age the collagen and elastin formation in our body decreases. Collagen keeps the skin firm and elastin makes the skin bounce back after we make any facial expression. loss of these important structural proteins makes the skin loose and prone to wrinkles.

Also the skin secretes less oil which is required to keeps it moist and wrinkle free.

Crows Feet wrinkles are easily treatable with the right balance of cosmetic procedure and diligent after care.

Our team at Kalpana Aesthetics specializes in Facial Rejuvenation, providing an extensive range of treatments for this particular indication. 

Causes of Crows Feet

Sun exposure : The most important factor affecting skin is the UV radiation of sunlight. In fat it contribute up-to 95% in skin damage. So proper use of Sunscreen and sun protection is a must to prevent wrinkles.

Smoking : Damages the fine vascular network in the skin diminishing nutrition and moisture. It worsens the appearance of wrinkles by darkening them.

Hereditary : Some people develop wrinkles earlier than others. While some don't even at an advanced age. Hereditary traits are passed on from parents to their children. Understanding this helps us to start treatment early and delay the signs of aging.

Face muscle movement : The constant movement of facial muscles along with skin changes of aging creates wrinkles. initially they are dynamic and present only at the time of facial expression but gradually they become static and are present even at rest.

Skin Care : Improper skin care and pollution damages the skin by making it dry and loosing moisture. Damaged skin quickly develops fine wrinkles sen so commonly on the aged skin.

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