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What is Gynecomastia ?

Gynaecomastia, commonly called male breast is a enlargement breast tissue in males. It can be either unilateral or bilateral. It accounts for approximately 65% of male breast disorders. Gynaecomastia usually manifests at puberty or old age due to imbalance of estrogen and androgen. With the advent of puberty, boys experience newer development in their body both physical and physiological. Gynaecomastia can manifest as a small amount of extra tissue around the nipples to more prominent breasts.
The ideal male chest is flat and the skin over chest muscle is tightly applied.

Diagnosis and Patient Presentation

Gynaecomastia is mostly idiopathic in origin but may present as a symptom of underlying disease such as liver disease, renal diseases, hormone disorders etc. Peers teasing, unable to wear shape perfect dress or participate in bare chest activities like swimming etc. can cause much harm to self body image.  

There are two other conditions similar to gynecomastia in which either the male breasts enlarge or sag downwards. When there is too much deposition of fat instead of enlargement of breast tissue it is called 'Pseudogynecomastia'. This may happen in Obesity where there is fat deposition in other regions as well. Also in cases of massive weight loss, skin becomes loose and hangs downwards. 

Treatment Of Gynecomastia

Surgical treatment of gynecomastia is done to remove the excess breast tissue, fat or skin. Cosmetic treatment of gynecomastia does not treat the underlying cause if there is any.

When there is only minimum enlargement of breast tisssue along with excess fat deposition, Liposuction alone is utilised to remove the extra fat beneath the skin.

If there is enlargement of breast tissue then surgical removal of breast tissue is required. Incision is given at the lower juntion of areola and skin. This insicion is not visible after healing.

in cases of Massive weight loss excision of skin may also be required. Kindly click the link for details regarding  body contouring in massive weightloss patients.