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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation surgery is done to enhance the aesthetic appearance in an otherwise normal but small sized breasts. There is no perfect breast and every women will have her own goal and requirement. Some may desire only a subtle increase in size others may want it to be more noticeable. Breast enlargement is done by placing an implant behind the breast but outside the chest wall. The newer silicone gel implants feel like normal breasts on touch after surgery.

Breast augmentation may also be done using Fat Fill surgery procedure. In Fat Fill surgery your own fat is harvested from the abdomen and thighs. It is processed and filled along the breast to increase its size. One important drawback is that with time 50 to 70 % fat disappears and usually 4-5 repeat procedures are required over a span of two years.

What is the need for Breast Augmentation?

Medically speaking small breasts are absolutely normal and pose no risk otherwise. Aesthetically the story may be different. Appropriately sized breasts enhance the figure and improve a woman's' self confidence.

Before Surgery

A thorough evaluation is done at preoperative consultation. No two women are alike and no two breasts are the same. Different women will require different size of the implant. You along with the surgeon will make the choice of the implant depending upon your height, waist size, existing breast anatomy and your desired look and lifestyle.

On the day of the surgery you are asked to come to the hospital on empty stomach. You will given a surgical scrub solution and asked to scrub the night before and on the day of the surgery from head to toes.

An appointment is fixed with the surgeon just before the surgery. At that time the surgeon will guide you through the procedure, draw out all necessary markings and explain and discuss the incisions with you. You will have plenty of time time to ask any last minute questions.

During surgery

The surgery is performed under General Anaesthesia and you will be asleep through out the procedure. The implant is placed through an incision either below the breast or at the lower circumference of the Areola like in the figure. After healing both the incisions are well hidden and not noticeable on casual observation.

After Surgery

Immediately after the surgery the patient is shifted to the ward. Stay at the hospital for day is required for a day for observation. During the surgery dressings are placed and supportive bra is applied which are removed after 3-5 days. Breast support Bra are required thereafter. Your newly enhanced breasts will require a little special care afterwards. All the Post-Operative Care instructions will be explained to you and a Post-Operative Care & Instruction Sheet will be given at the time of discharge.

Cost Of Surgery

The Total cost of surgery = Implant cost (55,000-60,000) + { OT Charges & Hospital Stay Charges } + Surgeons Fee + (any other charges as applicable)