Breasts are one of the most important feature of a woman's beauty. Appropriately sized and shaped breasts enhance the female contour. Like all the other body parts the two breasts are very similar but not identical. Naturally beautiful breasts appear in different shapes and sizes. They are all medically absolutely normal.

Characteristics of aesthetically pleasing breasts

  • The breasts should be in proportion to the chest width, waist size and height of the woman.

  • The two breasts should look similar (they are never identical)

  • Breast should not be sagging. They should be a little firm and projecting outwards. 

  • The lower part is fuller than the upper part (by a ratio of 55:45).

  • Areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) should be around 3.5 cm to 4 cm in size. The nipple should lie at the most prominent projection of the breast and this lies at the mid arm level.

Small Breasts

Small breasts are not considered aesthetically pleasing. They can cause much anxiety and inferiority complex in a young female. Appropriately sized and shapely breasts are an important part of physical attractiveness. Although small breasts may not be aesthetically desirable they are absolutely normal from medical point of view. Small breasts are enlarged with Breast Augmentation surgery. Currently there are two techniques that are popular world wide. Implant augmentation and fat fill augmentation.

Implant Augmentation is performed by introducing a silicone gel implant just behind the breast but outside the chest wall. They are of the same consistency as young female breast and feel like normal breast after surgery. They enlarge the breast to give a very natural result. Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common surgery performed  throughout the world.

Fat fill breast augmentation is a limited option for those who desire only mild increase in breast dimensions or are averse to the implant. Fat is harvested from abdomen and injected systematically in and around the breast. It may require multiple sessions.

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Large Breasts

An increase in the breast size during pregnancy and lactation is normal. Some females have large breasts right from the puberty which increase to such an extent that rather than enhancing the aesthetic appearance they interfere with daily activity. They may cause chronic neck and back pains. They may cause social embarrassment.  Such females find difficulty in finding appropriately fitting garments. Large breasts hang over to the abdomen and cause skin problems such as rashes and skin maceration in the breast fold. The only option is to surgically reduce the size by Reduction Mammoplasty to cure the problem and achieve aesthetically pleasing breasts. 

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Unequal Breasts

If there is only a slight difference noticeable only on close observation then probably no treatment is required or a small fat fill procedure may suffice. Surgery is not an exact science and no amount of precision at the time of surgery can promise identical breasts.

If the difference is markedly noticeable than the treatment depends on the relative sizes of each breast. A single side Breast Augmentation may be done if one of the breast is much smaller and the other one is normal in size. Single sided breast reduction may be done if one of the breasts is very large and the other one is normal in size.

Sagging Breasts

Aging affects all body parts including the breasts. Changes in breast morphology as one ages is also affected by the natural changes occurring during pregnancy and breast feeding. The youthful fullness is lost and the breasts become deflated. The upper region becomes hollow and flat. Nipples start to look downwards and firmness is lost.. Only sagging breasts require Breast Lift surgery or Mastopexy. Predominantly hollowed out breasts along with sagging may require Breast Augmentation along with Breast Lift. In larger sagging breasts Reduction Mammoplasty may be required.

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