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What is normal body shape?

People in the beauty industry have named so many body shapes, from the name of geometrical shapes like hourglass, rectangle and round to the name of fruits like apple and pear but believe me all of these are absolutely normal.

The question that comes to the mind is - " Which body shape amongst these is aesthetically pleasing ? "  This is subjective and every one will have a different opinion. Popular media portrays the ideal female body shape to be an approximate hourglass. It is the relative difference between bust size, waist size and hip size and not the exact numbers that are important. The numbers will vary according to the height of the female. On an average the waist circumference should be 7 inches to 10 inches smaller than the hip circumference. But the point to remember is that even if it is not so, it is still normal from the medical point of view. The ideal body shape of a male is like an inverted pyramid with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

Calling somebody fat is a loosely applied term. There is no clearcut definition of being fat. It involves the overall appearance and deviation from ones normal body shape. We know it when we see it. Obesity is determined by the B.M.I. ( Body Mass Index ) and never by the body shape.

An altered body shape may not be your mistake.

Body shape is influenced by the skeletal and muscular makeup which in turn depends on the complex interplay of genetic expression and environmental factors. Simply put it is determined by heredity, diet and exercise. Aging process has an inevitable impact on the persons body shape as there is generalized loosening of skin and redistribution of fat deposition from the buttocks and hips to the abdomen. Pregnancies also affect the shape by making abdominal muscles and skin lax. Excess fat accumulation because of overeating or due to metabolic disorder alters the normal body shape this should be first addressed by proper diet and exercise and medical management of the underlying disease.

A little about FAT

Fat gets deposited at various places in our body. Visible fat lies under the skin but above the muscles. Fat also gets deposited inside the abdomen and contributes to the increase in girth. Fat that is deposited just under the skin can be targeted by Liposuction surgery. It has been observed that the number of fat cells in a person are more or less fixed. As more and more fat accumulates the cells increase in size. Liposuction removes the fat as well as the cells permanently. There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed in a single surgical session (5%-8% of total body weight) safely. If a person does not change his lifestyle and eating habits, fat starts to deposit again but this time in other areas which were not operated upon and gives an ugly and lumpy appearance.