Fat Fill

also known as Fat Transfer , Fat Grafting

Fat transfer is a safe, long lasting procedure. It is done by taking fat from areas which have excess fat such as outer thighs and abdomen and transferring them into areas which are lacking in volume such as face, hands, breast, buttocks etc.

Who is good candidate for Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is done to augment or fill in volumed deficient areas. Common areas for treatment are Hands rejuvenation, Face(such as lips, below eye areas, fine wrinkles, hollow cheeks), depressed scars in skin, for breast augmentation. The results of fat transfer are natural and long lasting.

How is Fat Transfer performed?

In fat transfer surgery fat is harvested from areas such as outer thigh and abdomen. It is then purified and injected into areas that augmentation.

You along with your surgeon will first decide the areas from which fat is harvested. The area is decided on the basis of potential benefits from the liposuction of that area. First the area is anesthetized with local anesthesia then a small incision (3mm – 4mm) is given in adjacent area. This small incision is hidden in natural crease lines, specially designed liposuction canulas are used to harvest fat with a completely sterile technique. The harvested fat is purified by centrifugation or filtration techniques and then transferred to small syringes. The area to receive fat injections is prepared next. The area is anesthetized by local anesthetic if it is small, if the area is big or fat transfer is being done for breast augmentation or buttock lift then general anesthesia may be required. Fat is injected with the help of special fat injection needles which are attached to the small syringes. There is no need to give any incision. The small prick created by the needles heal very well with out any visible scars. After the desired amount of fat is injected the area may require a little dressing for a couple of days. Like with any other surgery there is swelling for a couple of days which usually subsides within a week.

Advantages of Fat Transfer

- No foreign substance is used like fillers or implants so there is no risk of reactions or implant extrusion.

- Fat transfer gives natural and long lasting results unlike fillers which have to be injected after every five months.

- Fat transfer is a non-invasive procedure for facial rejuvenation. There is no incision.

- Fat fill also improves the quality of skin over time because it contains naturally occurring stem cells.

- Fat fill is much cheaper than the fillers and implants and at the same time it avoids their risks.

Disadvantages of Fat Transfer

- Most important disadvantage of fat transfer is that in a couple of months the volume of transferred fat reduces to 50% thus multiple sittings are required to give the final result. The amount that remains after final result of each procedure stays for life so that multiple sessions have additive effect to produce a long lasting change.

- Fat transfer takes time to harvest fat then prepare and then inject in volume deficient areas where as fillers are available in pre-filled syringes which are easy to apply.

Areas of Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Transfer

Facial wrinkles such as laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, crows feet wrinkles, naso-labial folds(lines between nose and the mouth), depressed scars, acne scars etc can be effectively treated with fat transfer. Fat transfer can also be used for lip augmentation, chin augmentation and correction of hollow cheeks.

Breast enhancement

fat transfer can provide modest increase in breast volume. Required factors are good breast shape, good skin quality and realistic expectations. If you have sagging breasts or you require significant enlargement then breast augmentation with fat is not for you. Head over to the section on breast augmentation for more details about advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Some times fat transfer is used along with breast implant augmentation to optimize the breast shape. Or fat transfer may be performed afterwards to correct any residual irregularities. Fat grafting is also used to correct breast shape after breast reconstruction surgeries such as mastectomy done for treatment of breast cancer.

Buttock Augmentation

Fat transfer is used to enhance the buttocks and make them more rounded. The procedure is also called “Brazillian Buttock Lift”. This procedure is combined with liposuction to sculpt the surrounding regions as well as harvest fat for transfer.

Hand Rejuvenation

With increasing age hands loose volume. The skin becomes wrinkled and veins and bones become more visible. The old looking hands can be effectively rejuvenated with fat fill treatment. This also improves the quality of skin over time and makes the hands look much younger.