Gynecomastia Surgery

Overview of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery the only permanent way to treat gynecomastia which is commonly also called 'Male Breast' or 'Man boobs'. It is an enlargement of breast tissue in the males and happens due to no obvious reason.

The ideal male chest is flat and the skin over chest muscle is tightly applied. Breast tissue enlargement deviates from this and may cause embarrassment and lack of confidence. 

Gynecomastia surgery is a safe cosmetic surgery technique to get rid of enlarged male breasts permanently. it is a combination of chest contouring through liposuction and extra glandular tissue excision through a small incision which is not visible afterwards. 

If you are facing a similar problem rest assured surgery is a simple, permanent solution. So, book an appointment toady.

What happens in Gynacomastia Surgery 

Gynaecomastia Surgery may be done under local anaesthetic at the clinic if it is lower grade of enlargement. In large gynecomastia general anesthesia may be required.

It is a day care procedure and the patient may go home the same day. 

Gynaecomastia is surgery involves liposuction of the extra fat from the chest. Small incisions are made in hidden areas through which liposuction canulas are introduced and the extra fat is removed. 

A cresent shaped incision is made at the lower border of nipple areola comlpex to dissect out and permanently remove the enlarged gland. Since the incision lies at the junction of normal chest skin and the areola it is not perceptable after final healing.

Sutures are removed after a week. A tight pressure garment is required to be worn for the first tw months atleast to allow the skin to contract well over the chest contour.  

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What are the benefits of Gynecomastia surgery ?

  • Gynecomastia surgery corrects the shape of the chest. 
  • Although it is not an essential procedure this cosmetically enhances the upper body to regain confidence and overcome depression.
  • It is a permanent anatomical solution. Once the surgery has been performed there is no recurrence because the glad itself has been removed.

Who are the best candidates for Rhinoplasty surgery ?

All male individuals above 16 years of age with breast tissue enlargement are candidates for gynecomastia surgery. It is preferable the patient be in good physical health with out any preexisting problems like cardiac disease, liver or renal disease etc. If there is a pre-existing problem a prior physician review is mandatory.

When will I see the results ?

A small dressing covering the chest is required for a period of 5 days. You may appreciate the result immediately after removal of dressing. Although pressure garment has to worn contiuously over the entire day for 2 - 3 months the chest contour is remarkably improved. The final result after all healing and tissue remodelling is appriciable after 3 months.

What are the risks and safety considerations ?

Like all surgical procedures there are risks related to the surgery, anesthesia and sutures. Please read the Gynecomastia Informed Consent document thoroughly and completely to understand the risks involved.

What are the After-Surgery instructions and precautions ?

  • A small dressing is placed over the chest for five days and the pressure garment is simultaneously applied. You will be required to visit the clinic for dressing removal after 5 days. 
  • For the first week any movement at the shoulder joint is restricted such as pulling, pushing, lifting or raising the arms. The surgery is perfomed over the chest muscles. We need to allow the skin to heal and adhere to the underlying muscle. 
  • from second week onwards routine day to day work is allowed and normal exrcise routine is resumed from the 4th week onwards.
  • Pressure Garment has to be worn at all times during the first 2 - 3 months.

Please read and follow the post-procedure instructions carefully and completely.

Treatments available for Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia which is commonly called 'Male Breast' or 'Man boobs' is enlargement of breast tissue in the males.

It is easily correctable by Gynecomastia Surgery which is a permanent solution.

The ideal male chest is flat and the skin over chest muscle is tightly applied. Breast tissue enlargement deviates from this and may cause embarrassment and lack of confidence....